Preparing For Your Baby Portrait Sessions

What to wear?  What to bring?

If you're in need of planning assistance, we're just a phone call away at 352-408-8720.

Here are a few general guidlines:

For your Newborn session:

THIS IS IMPORTANT!  We want you to schedule your Newborn baby session so that we are able to photograph your baby BEFORE they are 10 days old. We joke with new moms that we should be the third call you make... your mom, his mom, then us! We do this because when the baby is 10 days old or younger we can control the sleep patterns better.  

Now this may sound crazy but we want you to bring in your newborn both TIRED AND HUNGRY! What!? you say..... That's right, we want your baby to be ready to eat immediately when we arrive at your home, and be tired so that they will fall asleep as soon as they are finished eating. This helps us have better success with those cute and sweet sleeping newborn images you will love!

Now we don't NEED to include mom in these images so don't panic. If you want to be in an image with your newborn that's great... We'll photograph it so it is flattering to you as well! We'd suggest a very light colored top. You may want to at least do your nails in case we decide to get some close ups of your hands with your baby's tiny hands and feet... those are always sweet!

Other than that you can expect to spend about 2-3 hours for this session. Sometimes it takes less time but we let your baby determine the length of the session.

For your 3 month baby session:

It is best that your baby be holding up their head while propped at a 45 degree angle by the time we have this session. That usually means some where in the middle of his/her third month. NOTE: We don't normally hold the 3 month session right on the 3 month first day mark. We do like to include mom and dad at this stage, and siblings are good to, so everyone should be prepared for the family image! We would like you to wear all white or cream colored clothing for this session... we want a soft and pastel feel for the baby at this age. If you have any special blankies or things made by relatives or close friends that is alway a GREAT prop to include.

For your 6 month baby session:

Your baby should be able sit up pretty well at this point.... it's ok if they wobble a bit, but we want them to be relatively stable with sitting. If you have concerns about where your baby is, call us and we can offer some guidance. Bring lots of outfits! It's always best to have more outfits then we can use because we can go through them with you and help decide which ones are best. Again, anything that Grandma or a relative made is always a winner! We will still be doing some "bare bottom baby" images at this stage, so be aware of that. We don't usually create family images at the 6 month appointment, but you are more then welcome to ask for that and we'll be happy to create some at this and any session you want. Also remember that the dog is welcome for portraits of your baby as well... the 6 month and 9 month sessions are best for this... but it's best that your dog be very well behaved if you wish to include them :)

For your 9 month baby session:

Your baby should be able to stand while holding on to a chair at this stage. Now is the time to bring lots of your own props! Include special family items or hobbys that you do as a family... or props that show what daddy does (fireman, policeman, nurse, doctor, computer geek, chimney sweep... well you get the idea), daddy's favorite football or sports team, you can pretty much bring whatever you want! Just let us know in advance if it's something REALLY unusual so we can prepare for it! Again, bring lots of outfits so we have lots of options! A cute little bathing suit is a good prop for one of the images we like to create at this stage. We will be doing one last less obvious "bare bottom baby" at this session, but thats the last of them for the year.

For your 12 month baby session:

Can you believe your baby is 1 year old! This year has flown by! We want to make sure we hold this session within 2 weeks of the actual birthday. Bring lots of outfits again!  Also, we like to create an image of your baby with a birthday cake... sometimes they smash it all over and sometimes they don't but its always a fun image! We will bring the cake and balloons for this so you don't have to worry about that.